About us


We build emotional intelligence and emotional health in Children and Families through engaging learners in the natural world, learning by being and doing.

We develop Independent and Inter-Dependent Learners

  • Passion-Based Learning
  • Experiential Learning
  • Self-Initiated Learning
  • Challenge Based Learning 

  • Cultivating & tending Country
  • Natural Childhood
  • Nature as Teacher
  • Parents as Guides
  • Play as Learning

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We are a mobile service, nomadically active between several unique landmarks of Ballina and Byron Shire. 100% in the elements without any ceilings or walls.

What Parents say about our gathering lessons..

“The best way to start our week is to follow along to the nature playgroups, it really sets us for a positive start and stays with us the whole week.”

“I have gained close friendships and made really good connections with other families thanks to these programs. And I learn every week more about myself and our neigbourhood while connecting deeply with my nonstop toddler”

“Our kids, love love the Bush kindy Program”

We love this as part of our homeschooling journey and have met many families to join this wise, wild path of self learning in nature.

Wise Earth Bush School’s Goals and Aspirations

  • Act responsibly towards ourselves, our friends, the land, the plants & animals
  • Inspire connection, relationship, embracing and celebrating children
  • Develop experience that empower an inner flowering, inner revolution
  • A family friendly learning enterprise

The forest school concept dates back over 60 years and recognises the fundamental human need for connection to the Earth, as well as the growing body of research to support the benefits of outdoor free-play for young children. Forest schools are part of a rapidly growing global movement to combat modern symptoms of “nature deficit disorder.” They also are a way to off-set the detriment caused by risk-averse parenting styles and the unrealistic academic expectations society has placed on young learners.

At Wise Earth Bush School, we support “re-wild parenting.” We help to meet kids’ hardwired biological expectation to exist as tiny explorers, carers, scientists and artists. By experiencing all seasons and weather, experimenting with creativity, mingling with local plants and animals, learning through mixed-age socialisation, guided by their own pace of learning and supported by strong and loving boundaries, we ensure that each child will truly make the world a better place for themselves, and generations to come.


Philosophy and Values

Philosophy and Values

Wise Earth Bush School’s ethos is immersed in Nature Play. The child-led, free play philosophy is interwoven with invitations to open-ended adult-guided activities like, crafts, stories, games, with moral vocabulary and cultural words like honesty, trust, respect, responsibility and courage as our core values. A foundation for healthy development through all aspects of the growing child becoming more secure and balanced with an innate drive for stewardship and service.



We believe the pathway to every child’s success is through integrity. Derived from ‘integer’ the Latin word for whole or complete.
We believe r
oots for future friendly actions start with kindling our own inner compass.
We believe in social, emotional learning for human virtues promoting wellbeing and mental health.
We believe goal achieving and IQ to be secondary to EQ.
Following our passions we develop a sense of our unique personal power.



Nature loves courage! So, we encourage children’s growing bodies to roam, ramble and run freely around variable and uneven surfaces. Building essential motor skills now, watering seeds for future thinkers.
When parents make the commitment to join the journey, nature removes impossible dreams, lifting up the whole family as a power unit for social and cultural harmony and community action. 



We offer activities that celebrates social interaction with people of all ages. We explore natural curiosity and cultivate connection to country. We want to lead by example, practice what we preach and live by the ethics of the earth. Indigenous people all around the world have been living like this for tens of thousands of years. Wise Earth Bush School welcomes wisdom holders for peaceful reconciliation that is deeply important journey for all Australians.

Our mentors

Our team of highly-skilled and qualified facilitators are here to help children achieve full spectrum human potential. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

We believe in supporting and engaging the whole child, inside and out, in this critical stage of their development.

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‘People like me, we think in circles.’ We make a journey in life, and life being a circle, we follow that circle.

I began life nurtured by my grandparents. My grandmother challenged me to see every child, parent, human – as a teacher.

My grandfather lived his life out as a phenomenal storyteller, laughing at every opportunity. Their guidance lead me to a distinguished career in experimental education and Forest Schooling.

With the birth of our first-born son I made a promise to complete that circle that took shape in the playful care of my Africa. 30 years later shifting gears to earth-school our own children.

I want every child to grow up with a parent who feels empowered and confident in their parental role. A parent who is free to enjoy their child and themselves. Envisioning all children thriving in Community Concentric Circles.



Bec is a people lover & kindness enthusiast who adores working with people of all ages.

She is a kids and adult Yoga teacher, Youth Worker and Support Worker. Also has 10+ years experience nannying and caring for children in various capacities. Bec thrives off children’s creativity and intrinsically positive attitudes. She see value in demonstrating kindness and compassion, while working alongside and in harmony with the Earth. Bec is at her happiest when in immersed in nature, volunteering and spending time with her community. She is passionate about sustainable living, health, and connection- to people and land.

At Wise Earth Bush School Bec is thrilled to be able to nurture, mentor and learn along side such incredible little humans.



Brontë always follows her curiosity. It’s led her many places – however it always seems to bring her back to being involved with our youth, which is a blessing for both her and for them.

Brontë is really passionate about play as a way of integral learning and nurturing natural curiosity. She is currently deepening her inquiry into art therapy and is learning and developing her skills in crafts such as weaving, building and story telling.

Brontë feels so grateful to share and create with little humans. On her journey to this point she’s learnt Vedic systems of health and well-being, practiced and studied the permaculture ethos and has given her time in youth development programs and community art cooperatives to learn and deepen her own practices in this world.

Mentorship is a shared learning Brontë feels inspired and alive to be in Bush learning from the earth, our and oldest and wisest mentor.